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To train or not to train....?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Committing to take part in any endurance event is a big step and once you've started training any interruptions to your smooth progression will be unwelcome. Unfortunately injuries and illnesses do occur.

There will be a temptation to ignore these and carry on training for fear of the consequences of missing a few days training. Or, if you are sensible enough to take some time out to help your body recover, to play catch up as soon as you feel able to recommence training. Don't. Ignoring an injury won't make it get better and cramming extra sessions in to make up for ‘lost’ sessions will only leave you fatigued and run down.

Below we have highlighted some of the most common scenarios that you may encounter in your build up to your race and I have given an indication of the most sensible course of action to take.

If you read nothing else in this section please try and remember that injuries should never be ignored and if you feel unwell don't feel guilty about missing a session or two.

Doing too much too soon...