Choose your plan

  • The Club

    Every month
    Get everything you need to train smarter, all in one place
    • Improve your 5k run plan
    • Specific blog posts
    • Access to weekly zoom HIIT classes
    • Core workout schedule
    • Triathlon specific strength & conditioning plan
    • Perth Run Club
  • Just PT

    To keep you ticking over
    • 1 x 45 min 1-1 training session per week
    • Day/time mutually convenient
    • General nutritional advice
    • Personalised programme specific to your goals
    • All equipment provided
    • Access to trainer on demand
  • Correspondence Coach

    Every month
    For triathletes planning their next season or event
     14 day free trial
    • Workout schedule tailored to race plan where applicable, hou
    • Customized by your coach, progressing to your race (or other
    • Feedback, individual guidance and ongoing review
    • Weekly check-in with your coach to review plan, workouts and
    • Weekly written feedback on athlete questions, training progr
    • Adjusted for factors such as fatigue, travel, and injury (wh
    • Monthly fee
  • More PT

    Every month
    For those who have more time and want results fast
    • 2 x 45 mins 1-1 training sessions per week
    • Day/time mutually convenient
    • General nutrition advice
    • Access to trainer on demand
    • All equipment provided
    • Personalised program specific to goals
  • Bells & Whistles PT

    Every month
    Take it to the next level
    • 2 x 45 min 1-1 training sessions per week
    • 1 x home workout to complete in your own time
    • Nutritional analysis and guidance
    • Nutritional coaching
    • All benefits associated with the Just PT plan
  • Small group PT

    Every month
    Perfect if you are on a budget but still get results
    • 2 x 30 minute workouts per week (8 per month)
    • Day/time mutually convenient
    • All equipment provided
    • You and up to 3 friends training together
  • Self guided ongoing

    Every month
    Your monthly exercise review and update
    • Self-guided workouts updated
    • Review call to see how you are going
    • Videos, sets and reps for each exercise
    • This can only be purchased after the initial program set up