Improve your 5k run pace

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  • 57Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the challenge ends.


Are you able to run 5k but can't see to get any faster? Perhaps you don't have the right balance of endurance intervals, steady state and tempo runs and VO2 max intervals in your programme? Or you don't even know what that all means??? This challenge will give you 3 runs per week. You don't need to do any more! Each run will be different, and will challenge your aerobic capacity, but with adequate recovery between sessions you will feel rested and ready to perform at your best every time. This is a pace- based programme so you will firstly need to determine your threshold pace. We will do that in the first session and everything else will follow on from that. All you need to do is complete the workouts and feedback to yourself how you are going, with some prompts from me. There is also plenty of bonus information on stretching, nutrition, strength and conditioning and pacing throughout the programme. Have fun, push yourself and the results will come!

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Alison Smith
Alison Smith

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