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Passionate about sport and health, and as a current competitive GB age-group triathlete, I have been coaching multi-sport athletes for 10 years and have over 25 years of sporting & exercise experience to share.

I will listen to what you want, as I believe it's important that each and every one of my clients and athletes is treated as individuals. Every workout, no matter what your level is,  is entirely bespoke to your goals, ability, fitness, needs, and other life commitments.

Image by Simon Connellan
Swim, Bike, Run

Whether you do all of these together, just one, or just two, I can help you to improve your skills, your confidence, your speed and your knowledge.

Check out my services below to see more

Strength & Conditioning

Get stronger, more flexible, more balanced and also faster at your sport, with goal-specific strength and conditioning training




As an accredited Swimsmooth coach and having worked/swum with Paul Newsome for the last 5 years  I have all the tools needed to take your swimming to the next level - whether you're new to swimming or an experienced pro


Are you fuelling your workouts and races effectively enough to optimise your training?

As a PN coach I can help you. We'll work on small daily habit changes that get results



Bike fit, bike skills, basic bike maintenance, and bike speed.

What more can do you need?



Whether you are a swim, bike, run athlete or not, strength training is non-negotiable. The evidence for this is all aspects of life is compelling and unequivocal. You will be faster, stronger and healthier in your old age with the right guidance.


1-1 run video analysis, technique training,  you'll be surprised at what small changes to your form and training plan can make to your pace, efficiency and race results.


Often called the 4th discipline of multi-sport, and usually neglected.

But get this right and you'll have a disctinct advantage over your competitors.

It takes skill and the right coaching to perfect this!

Image by Jon Del Rivero
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